Check out the video below summarising the project we worked on with Allen + Clarke to undertake a Governance Review in 2022.

Allen + Clarke are trusted advisors to the public sector, undertaking policy development and regulatory design, evaluation and research and many other services. In 2022 we applied to Allen + Clarke’s pro bono programme and were successful in our application for support with a Governance Review. For a small organisation, it would have been an enormous undertaking to do this work by ourselves, so we’re hugely grateful to the team at Allen + Clarke for this mahi and highly recommend that organisations to get in touch with them to see if they can help them too!

(See also Mairehau Neighbourhood Garden looking wonderful!)

From the Allen + Clarke website, “As part of our pro bono round, Green Lab requested a review of their governance arrangements. They wanted to ensure that their governance arrangements reflected their changed kaupapa and reflected best practice for an organisation of their size and scope. As a not-for-profit they rely on funding and grants from local government and other organisations. The Green Lab often must provide evidence of their governance practices including policies and procedures as part of applications for funding. They need to be able to demonstrate that they have good governance practices and up-to-date policies and processes.”

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