We work with groups or communities to co-create green spaces that address their specific needs around social connection and access to green space.


For us, design is a social process of co-creation and capacity building. Where possible we take a participatory approach that involves end-users in the design and construction of the space.

We apply a multi-stage placemaking approach to guide communities from idea (or problem) to realisation (or solution). We have a strong emphasis on capacity and skill building during these projects.

Placemaking is a specific approach to the planning, design and management of spaces. It uses the local community’s inspiration, potential and assets to create spaces that promote health, happiness and wellbeing.

Involving end-users of the space allows for a deeper connection to the space but also ensures that it actually fulfils the needs and aspirations of that community. By involving the community in the design and construction phases, people are also able to develop skills and confidence in new areas.

If you are part of a community or group who is interested in working with us to create a green space, get in touch.

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