Congratulations on your new Cup Companion! 
Follow our Care Guide below to ensure your companion has a long and happy life. 

Light and Location

Where is best? Indoors; your succulents will enjoy bright east or north facing positions – place them by the windows for maximum brightness. Most succulents do well outdoors; the succulents you have can handle Christchurch temperature ranges. If your placing your planter by a hot afternoon sunny window (west facing) look out for bleaching/browning as some species get scorched by direct sun. Also in winter, rotate the bowl so the plants don’t stretch in one direction. If you notice the plants getting ‘leggy’ or too stretched, they need more light! Try placing them in a brighter spot or outside on sunny days. Watch out for rain flooding a cup that is outside! You can keep it under an eave or tip and drain off excess water.


The frequency of watering will depend on several factors including how warm a spot your cup companion is placed, amount of sunlight and the season. Check the dampness of the soil before watering, its important that the soil completly dries out before watering again. This will typically be about 1-2 weeks in summer and 3-4 in winter. About 30-40ml per of water per watering will be sufficient to keeping your new pal happy.

Plant Health

Your succulents should grow and start to fill up the bowl. In about one year you may wish to redo your planter by pruning or re-planting some smaller succulents. You can take cuttings before transplanting the original plants into other pots or the garden. In summer you can feed them monthly with a quarter-strength liquid fertiliser.


If your plants are getting side shoots or getting too tall you can simply cut off sections to make more plants. Remove the lower leaves so there is a ‘stem’. The leaf nodes are where the new roots will form. Put the new cuttings on a tray for a few days, somewhere in the shade. You’ll notice that the cuts will dry or callous.. Now you can poke the plant stems into moist soil.Make sure the soil is moist to start with and keep it moist until you see that new roots are growing. Voila!.. Baby plants

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Creating a Cup Companion

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