The Green Pod is an eye-catching addition to any office environment, and is a place for visitors and employees to relax and recharge.

A customisable flat-pack indoor green space, the kit assembles into a semi-circular  shaped booth, which is lined with an abundance of plants. The pod will seat two, with the seats embedded in the green wall.

The Pod can be customised by adding a company logo on the base plate, through choice of plants (lushness, hanging/non-hanging, fragrant, herbal, flowering), branded pillows as well as custom conversation starters.

The Green Connection Pod – Tūranga Library

To enable and promote genuine human connection, the team designed The Green Connection Pod for Tūranga library in Christchurch (2019), a welcoming space for conversation, connection and contemplation. Enveloped by greenery, the Green Connection Pod is a place where people can relax and recharge. (See image to the left.)

In a world where much of our urban and office environments were designed to favour productivity over people or nature, it can be hard to find spaces where we feel relaxed, where genuine connection can occur, and where people can find a moment’s peace together.

A wealth of research shows that green environments have a fundamental positive impact on our mental and physical health; green spaces reduce depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, anger and fatigue, and increase cognitive function, memory, vigor, longevity, life satisfaction, self-esteem and hope.


In 2018, we created The Green Lounge for Bizdojo – a co-working space in Ōtautahi Christchurch. The Green Lounge was a plant-filled lounge area with an emphasis on repurposed furniture and natural materials. When Bizdojo residents were asked for feedback on The Green Lounge, they overwhelmingly reported that being in the area improved their sense of optimism, creativity, productivity and wellbeing, and that it lowered their anxiety and stress.

“I don’t have much spare time outside my work which results in lack of connection with nature. The Green Lounge provides me with that slice of joy I need in my working day to be immersed in greenery.”

“The Green Lounge provides a sense of calm and a disconnect from the workspace mentally. It is helpful for my work as a coach to bring clients there.”

Other benefits experienced were: “Increased clarity, recharge my brain”;  “Improves my mood, makes me feel healthier”; “It makes me calmer, helps me fill my lungs with fresh, clean air, helps me slow down when things are manic!”; “I get a productivity boost from change of scene.”

The Green Pod takes the essence of The Green Lounge and distils it into a flat-pack kit, with a compact footprint that can easily benefit an office or community space.

Human connection and conversation

Users of our indoor green spaces have noted that they were able to have more genuine, vulnerable conversations when surrounded by plants.

“Depending on the client, it can shift their mindset or mental state to be more open to speaking about personal stuff, and that is helpful for my work as a coach.” – User of the Bizdojo Green Lounge

To deepen this experience, we offer ‘conversation starters’ as an optional extra with The Green Pod (as per image to the left). These conversation starters can be adjusted to the kind of conversations you want to encourage in the Pod.

If a Green Pod is something you want for your company, get in touch.

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