Type of project: Design-driven project
Collaborator: Variant Design
Sponsors/Funders: Christchurch City Council, Biz Dojo Christchurch, Ambius

Location: 4 Ash Street, Central Christchurch, NZ
Completed: June 2018.
Status: Decommissioned

The Green Lounge was an indoor greenspace set within a co-working office environment at Biz Dojo Christchurch. Opened in June 2018 in collaboration with Variant Design, the project explored the intersection of the modern work environment, our inherent love of nature and our mental health through a series of functional green ‘rooms’, and formal and informal events.

The space consisted of 5 ‘rooms’ at one end of a large open plan co-working space. The Lounge, similar to home with way more plants (generously supplied by Ambius); A propagation station displaying the art and science of DIY houseplants; The Green Immersion Booth with a single reclining lounge chair and headphones for some time out in nature; an open space for events (or phone calls!); and the Alt Office, a biophilic boardroom by Variant Design.  The scope of the project allowed co-workers to experience how plantlife and design could not only change the aesthetic and atmosphere of work, but have a positive influence on mental health and connection with others. 

A wealth of empirical research shows that green environments have a fundamental positive impact on our mental and physical health. Green offices have been proven to enhance productivity by reducing depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, anger and fatigue, and increasing cognitive function, memory, vigor, longevity, life satisfaction, self-esteem and hope.  These findings were confirmed through our user survey for The Green Lounge and furthermore, people recalled an enhanced ability to connect with others while in the space, and enthusiasm for other businesses, schools and libraries to adopt similar green spaces.

Many thanks to Variant Design for their well crafted and well loved contribution to the project and to our major supporters Biz Dojo Christchurch, Ambius and Christchurch City Council.  Thanks also to the artist contributions from Tamsin Harrington, Andrea Konnerth and Grace Waitaha.

Thanks to our sponsors:

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