We create customised, welcoming indoor and outdoor greening solutions for organisations. We work with you to design a space that looks, feels and works for your organisation’s needs and for your people.

A wealth of research shows that green indoor environments have a fundamental positive impact on our mental and physical health. Exposure to plants increases productivity, creativity and a sense of wellbeing. In addition, it reduces stress and depression.

Our indoor solutions for organisations include:

  • Plants, plant containers and indoor planter boxes/dividers.
  • The Green Pod: This is an eye-catching addition to any office environment, and a space for visitors and employees to relax and recharge.

The Green Pod

A customisable flat-pack indoor green space, the kit assembles into a semi circular shaped booth, which is lined with an abundance of plants. The pod will seat two – with the seats embedded in the green wall. The Pod can be customised by adding a company logo on the base plate, through choice of plants, branded pillows as well as custom conversation starters. Click below for more information about the Green Pod.

Green Connection Pod Inside View
The Green Pod at Tūranga Library

If you’re looking for a customised  indoor greening solution for your organisations send us a message.

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