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The Green Lounge

The Green Lounge

The Green Lounge was an indoor greenspace set within a co-working office environment at Biz Dojo Christchurch. Opened in June 2018 in collaboration with Variant Design, the project explored the intersection of the modern work environment, our inherent love of nature and our mental health through a series of functional green ‘rooms’, and formal and informal events.

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Linwood Tiny Shops Village

Linwood Tiny Shops Village is a collection of small buildings set in a landscaped garden which hosts community-led activities, workshops, shops and a cafe since opening in February 2019. Creating Tiny Shops Village was a collaboration with Christchurch City Council who funded and supported the work, and Te Whare Roimata who operate the village as part of a wider programme of community development projects in Christchurchs’ Inner City East.

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Green Connection Pod

Green Connection Pod

The Green Lab designed the Green Connection Pod as an intimate, interior gathering green-space to foster moments of genuine human connection. It is a flatpack, circular wooden seating area, enveloped by greenery, which creates a welcoming venue that fosters relationship, hosting kōrero, connections, meetings, and contemplation. Research shows that green spaces enhance mental wellbeing, lift our mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and support genuine connections between people.

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Family Recovery Garden

The Family Recovery Garden Te Oranga Rā is a garden to bring public awareness to the family and community issue of addiction and recovery. Re-designed and built in collaboration with Odyssey House Christchurch, the garden opened in April 2017 and has been operated and maintained by the residents of the house. Prior to 2017 the space was known as Places of Tranquility.

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